Tuesday, June 29, 2010

haluuu worldd !!!! how was everybody's day ?? mesti seronok kn? mine was a lil bit dull cz i have nothing to do selain dr tgk tv n mkn n tdo n fb n guling guling n lepak2..well..u see ive just finished my thesis.n the result was out last nite.n i got n A for my thesis !!! to top it all up..im a dean's list student !! alaa..tp utk satu sem je la..finally ! heheh..tp ok la..i got deans list for my final semester which is the toughest... urghh !! so leganya hati ini ble i finally finished my degree (cant wait for convo !!) .. so ble dah habes blaja ni..i cant stop but to reminisce bout my four years of studies...

ok la..its true ble org ckp that our study time is the bes time ever...AGREE !! tapyh nk pk pasal other complicated grown ups stuff...if u feel like going to class then go..if u dont..then u have ur frens to sign ur attendance for you..heheh...eleh..mcm la korg sme tak pnah buat..just admit it..everybody does that can..that is just a part of being a student....i was lucky to be a part of KAED..sbb when other courses stays up reading books n memorizing..kaedians stays up building stuff.n we did it sambil mkn2.minom2.gelak2.tgk dvd.studio was fun! n kaed tk pnah sunyi...

okla..pnat la type...tp i just wanna say thank u to all my studiomates..without korg..i'll never made it..seriously korg..i owe korg sme big time ! hope everyone manage to grad together..nanti mcm mane nak amek2 pix 2getha ramai2 mcm yg kte sme ske sgt tu...urghh ..gonna miss u guys sgt...hope korg will miss me as much ... GROUP HUG !!!!!!

sbb sy ni pemalas orgnye..so i'll put only this one pix..i really love dis one...tp not everyone was in this pix...tp everyone is in my heart..cewahh !!!!

thousand of pictures cant portray memories in my head...


Sunday, June 27, 2010


im here baby !! .. im finally a blogger now !!!

u know what.. ive always have this idea that blog is another medium for people to complain about their life. i never read blogs (except for online shopping blogs) plus im not computer savvy to make my blog as attractive as others n i dont think people are going to be interested in reading about my life. my complaining. my stupid ideas. my babbling. my problems. so ive made a conclusion long ago that i HATE blogs..

but now.. jeng jeng jeng !!!

thanks to my boring life (still waiting for job interview + all my frens n bf are freaking bz + fb does not amuse me anymore)i've decided to have my own blog..just for the sake of doing something useful with my free time..or maybe make money out of it? hehehheeh :P

soooo.... ( drum roll !!!!)
im officially launching my blog !!! Weeeeee !!!!!!!!

thank you ! thank you ! pls be kind to me..cz im new..n drop a comment or ur opinion...or watever..im here to make frens..n share my tots with the rest of the world....may the force be with us...ceeehhhh !!!

so why i choose warna warna of life????..because i believe our life is full of colors...its really up to yourself on how u want to paint ur life...what colors u want to use ( if u choose to use gloomy colors then ur life is gloomy la.if u choose to use bright n shining n cheerful colors..then ur life is as cheerful as those colors)...as simple as that..we cant blame others on what happen in our life..cz it all depends on us...cewahh...! ok la..i live u guys with this poem...renung renungkan..dan slamat beramal .. heheh

Colors of life

by Lisa Winn

Our lives are filled with color from the start,
and Red is the love that comes from our hearts.
Blue is the sadness that drips from our eyes,
but Black is the evil that makes us tell lies.

Green is the shade of jealousy and rage,
and Grey is the hair that comes with old age.
Purple is the mood most misunderstood,
but White is the color that Makes Us Feel Good.

Life is full of meaningful colors,
But Especially White.
So hold on to it tight.