Tuesday, September 28, 2010



1) very sensitive person and easily annoyed

2) compulsive shopper (i buy everything)

3) i sometime wished i'm a superstar/supermodel/married to a superhot billionaire who love me.

4) love the smell of bakery shop and mr.boyfriend's natural odor

5) love ayam, sotong, marukku, kerepek, rendang, teh o ais

6) hate the smell of telur kuning

7) people might not know this. but i judge people based on 1st impression and their shoes n bags. (might sound mengada. tp thats the fact cz i'll knw straight away a person's personality just by looking at their shoes n bags. trust me...cz setakat ni sy tapenah lg tersalah.)

8) i cant keep secret.... who does??..so don't trust me

9) love to sing and dance ( just ask my lil hyppo dkt rumah..you know who you are ;P)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

game ON !

haluuuuuuuu peepss ~

so the game supposedly started yesterday...but because of my laziness..it will start 2day...its my blog..my rules..besides...nobody's reading pn agaknya...hehehhe =p

ok la..so lets start~ GAME ON !

(Q: ten things i wanna say to ten different people)

AYAH: i never said this. but I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW.

MAMA: if i knew what i know today..how i wish i've stayed at the hospital with you more.

EPA: kenapa bila blk rumah lmbt kena berlakon pegi straight to the kitchen? hahhahaha

ELA: pls stop being such a drama queen...nobody's watching you...just be yourself...durhhh ~


Mr.B: can you pls stop building up muscle?? dah tak muat dah i nak hug..heheh n you know what im thinking teddy bear...wink wink !! =)

DYA: your thigh is not big !!!!!

FARAH: you're such a beauty....sy jeles lah

PTPTN: i don't wanna pay !!!!

POLITICIANS: pls pls pls pls stop with all that stupid nonsense...irritating laaa...thats why
people don't vote tahu tak?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


hello hello.....first of all .. SELAMAT HARI RAYA !! maaf zahir batin kepada everyone...hows raya? mesti bes kan? mine was ok...but i've had better :( ... so sy mls nk update gamba raya ke ape ... next year lah ok? hehe...tp sy letak laa satu pix k..just org ckp nk amek feel raya kan..hehhee...

.my family.
sitting on sofa: me.ayah.epa
sitting on lantai: ela. eda
heaven: mama :)

.my small family.

takan putus tali persaudaraan =)

ok lah..enuff bout raya...disebabkn sy rasa my last topic was quite boring and lame..so i've decided to do something different lah sket..just to challenge myself .... i've read somewhere pasal menda ni...n i think its quite cool..so sy pn nk buat jgklah...maklumlaa...lain org.lain ceritanya...mine may not be as interesting as others nya story...tp just for the sake of nk buat something for myself..hehhe...so the game goes like this...i will update my blog everyday for the next ten days according to these topics.....

day 1: ten things i want to say to ten different people

day 2: nine things about myself

day 3: eight ways to win my heart

day 4: seven things that cross my mind a lot

day 5: six things that you wish you had never done

day 6: five people who means a lot to you

day 7: four turn offs

day 8: three turn ons

day 9: two smileys that describe my life right now

day 10: one confession

hehhe..so itu lah basically yg i will write in my blog for the next 10 days....day 10 will be the toughest im sure...but what the heck !!! see ya tomorrow..

oh btw...tonite i will be upgrading my blog....some renovation la...yelaakann..dah nama pn hari raya...takan langsir n sofa je baru..blog pn kena la baru jugak..heheh..ok cya !!!