Thursday, October 7, 2010


six things that i wish i had never done !

1) i had never give up on becoming an architect..i shud just quit uia..n apply somewhere that i could be an was my dream....n i blew it...biggest mistake of my life....!! it was my dream since i was a lil girl....seriously...ainaa bongok !

2) i shud have never compromise on my believes for anything especially for money... n being a unit trust consultant was my stupidest most humiliating thing ive ever done...though i admit that i cud and i CAN be a millionaire with it...but i seriously hate it....with all due respect MLM sucks ! i hate it with all my heart from the very beginning..yet...i join unit trust??? goshh..tak worth it pn if i jd i hate what im doing...seriously...wasting my time..n kacau my plans

3) talk bad things about people even when i hate them so much !

4) main2 mase dkt MRSM dulu....kalau tk mesti dah dkt jeles seeing my frens ... n mase dkt uia pn spatotnya blaja btol2 jgk... once again ainaa bongok !

5) confess to this certain someone that i like him..bodoh ! bkn hensem pn that lose !!!!

6) finally..i shud have stayed at the hospital :(

oklah..itulah i truely understang what it really means when someone said you can never turn back time....

Saturday, October 2, 2010


7 things that cross my mind a lot

1) MR.boyfriend...what my bubu is doing? dah bgn ke? dh mkn ke? baby alright tak? etc..

2) when am i going to be rich? hehe

3) aku ni cantik ke? hahahahhahahaha

4) mama.............................

5) am i fat? i have to exercise.....!!!!!

6) lapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

7) eh...i have to shop ;p

ok...thats all.....


Friday, October 1, 2010


8 ways to win my HEART

lets pretend like there are hundreds of men who are heads over hills for me ? even though, i need some reality check kan? case la kalau ade young billionaire yg interested nk ngorat i take note k....tick tick tick ! btw.. ini tak ikot terutan tau.

1) x romantic(geli) but sweet enough to make me melt (example: surprise me with something la i love surpises plus to make the hotness alive...wink !)

2) rambut pendek plsss......botak pn takesah...

3) always puts me first in mind before anything else....n i mean WHATEVER....!

4) give me some air to breath....let me do stuff that i like...wont do stuff that i dont like...

5) tanak i wont feel safe nanti...heh

6) always support me through everything even though im wrong...

7) never embarrass me infront of my friend or his friend...n if my friend or his friend do something bad to me( kutuk ke whatever)..always stood up for me...

8) im a material girl..aik aik aik..jgn tpu ckp korg tk ek.... tp tak perlu la kaya raya sgt(its a plus billionaires.hyeee...heheeh) ...cukup la nk tanggung mkn minom i was raised with one principal..n i only knw n live with that principle....A WOMEN'S MONEY IS HERS...AND THE HUSBAND'S MONEY IS ALSO HERS.......

ok lah..itu saje.....of course MR. BOYFRIEND passed majority of the ade la certain areas that you need to work harder on baby boy !!! u..