Monday, April 2, 2012


so i just turned 25. its like turning 56 in girls world.thanks everyone for the prezzies, dinners and wishes. i felt loved. im getting older and uglier.i realized that i got a lot of wedding invitations. sadly no more fancy + nice scented cards, just FB invitation. sad . so sad .

anyways, im in the age where a lot of my friends are married, getting married, engaged or talking about getting married. whats worst, whenever we hang out nowadays, our conversation revolved around marital topics. see...even i blogged about wedding.pfftttt

im always excited whenever a friend told me that she/he is getting married. im usually the most hyped about it.

congrats to All my friends who are getting married. love is in the air.

"Too many girls rush into relationships because of the fear of being single, then start compromising and losing their identity." such a party pooper :p


Monday, November 28, 2011

I didnt knw that its gonna be a long holiday weekend this i didnt make any i was at home the whole holiday.baring2.makan2.tgk tv.tdo n tdo n tdo.was nice to be able to catch up on myself.happy me ;)

so when i was all alone at home.i did some self examine (hehe.bkm lah belek2 badan i do love to do that as well).i found that i am such a negative-angry-easily gv up-selfdoubting-uptight girl. I found myself complaining at almost everythg.or easily being angry at somethg.or overly sensitive.

U realize that i hv let plenty of great opportunities flown by me just like that just cos im too lazy or to scared of what the outcome might too scared of what people might say if i fail.

Ok point is.since its maal hijrah.a new year for muslims.i want to try n change my self for a better person.i wanna be able to enjoy what im doing.i wanna be a happy growing woman.enjoy life as it is.not too caught up with material stuff.prioritize whats nice to people even when they r rude.always smile cos i learned that your smile can help make other people's i will do just that.

Hehe.inspirational much ainaa !!

Baby steps is better then nothing right? So if korg nmpk sy marah2 or complain.pls remind me that im a different persom nw.lets remind each other to smile n make the world or at least our surrounding a better place to live !!!

Love !

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bimbo much !

today ive decided to talk about cars. i am not interested in cars. i hate to drive.but i am impatient enough to have a driver (n not that freakin' rich to hire one) cos i knw i cant rely on people to e punctual...urghhhhh...!!!! my car is killing me softly !!! i am stressed out !! get you into a clearer picture.ive prepared a list of why i hat cars...

1) i do not knw a thing about car ! all i knw is i want to drive a fancy car one day.but thats it.i dont want to hv to go and wash it.i dont want to hv to go n put gas every weekend.pump the tires.send the car for service and worst of it all ...have to deal with accident !! i mean..i am a great drivern all (n proud of that) but its all the other drivers around me that i dont trust ! come on people !! eyes on the road idiots ! n when u hit somebody...BE NICE !! urghh..malaysian !

2) i hv car for ME ! not to be a driver to someone else freak! i mean...come on..i am not stingy or too proud or cocky to hv people tumpang..besides..i always love using my car if i hv plan wif my frens (cos again i dont like to follow n wait on people..i am a leader.not a follower :p) ..but plsss....use ur head..common sense.wud u like waiting for people whos actually asking for ur favor? late is one thing..then dragging me along like i hv nothing better to do..janji tmpt lain..then tuka last minit.or choose tmpt that only convenient to you.alasan.."myk mahal".."tk tahu jalan".."tk biasa drive jauh".."jam"..hek elehhhh !!!!!!!!!!! habis what am i? i am driving a helicopter that i dont hv to go thru traffic jam? or am i printing money at my house that my myk is not mahal? tk biasa drive jauh?? errkkk..hellloooo.....if boyfriend you ckp."errr,...yang.....jom la dtg sini....." wud u suddenly knw the road and biasa jalan jauh?? pfftttt....i am not selfish...i can deal wif going anywhere cos i love hanging out wif my friends and catch up..if i can do it n sacrifise..why cant you??

3) everytime pegi bengkel mesti kena tipu...arghh...i dont speak cars or any languages those mechanics were every time i went to a workshop.all they see is this bimbo who doesn't knw a thing.thats true.but jgn la amek kesempatan.i knw ure running a jgn la over sgt.geram lahhhhh..u knw what abang mechanics ! everytime u repair my car.then i realised that ive been screwed.u knw tht it messes wif my head.i look down to myself cos i cant be independent n take care of a simple piece of time..dont mess wif my head !!

ok tu jeee....i love my car..cos it holds a lot of memories..memories that cant be just not ready to get a new one.thats why it tore my heart out everytime something's wrong wif it.especially when its not my fault !!!

plus my car has been loyal to me...she is my best buds ! (she? omg !! im crazy dont i?)

ok dah...lega rasanya...


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mumtaz Nan

do you guys know what Mumtaz Nan is? what?!! semua orang tahu?!!! deymm ! rasa macam tinggal dekat dalam gua lah pulak.sorry la.saya mmg jarang keluar.maklumlaaa anak dara...kena la jaga diri :p

unlike Mr. Boyfriend yang almost every night akan keluar melepak dengan kawan2 dia at the same old spot..lagi lah boring kan? hari hari keluar tapi pegi tmpt sama je...baik duduk rumah.lagiii best !

nak dijadikan cerita yang menarik...Mr.Boyfriend ni stop for a break from his fixie ride (yup ! basikal tu laaa...ntah pape kan main basikal tengah2 malam..basikal pn boleh jadi trend...sighhh~~) ..Mr Boyfriend dan kawan2 nya singgah dkt Mohsin ttdi. Mr.Boyfriend pn discover lah Mumtaz Nan. sebagai kekasih yang prihatin dan sangat sweet..dia tros bbm saya utk menceritakan tentang his discovery (sebenarnya saya yang non stop bbm dia ) the other day, sekali lagi untuk membuktikan yang dia adalah kekasih yang sangat penyayang dan tak mahu girlfriend dia terleft out dari dunia luar. Mr Macho pun bawa saya pergi ke Mohsin

mula2 mcm tadek lah berminat sgt nak order menda alah sbb tamo la kecewakan Mr Macho...saya pn order lah Mumtaz Nan...lama jugak lah nak tggu food tu siap........

TADAAAA !!!!! inilah dia Mumtaz Nan..macam pizza kan??

jom kita kasi close up skit...

haaa...tengok ni...macam pizza kan?? the best part was.its crunchy!!!! tak penah saya makan roti nan sorang2...habis licin semua saya sapu...simple je sebenanrnya...topping dia is cheese+tomato+mayonis...perghhh!!!! nak lagiii !!!!

ok laaa...mesti korang menyampah je kan...dalam hati korang mesti korang ckp.."eee..jakunnya budak ni...menda ni pn tatau apa ke?" ..tihihih...yelaaa..kitew baru tawuuu ....kitew org kampung jewwww.....

tapi mmg sedap tau korang....definitely a must try !! go check it out peeps !!

kesimpulan dari cerita ini adalah.once again Mr.Boyfriend telah membuktikan yang tempat makan yang dia bawak semuanya bestt..dan tempat makan that i chose sucks big time -_-"


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spaghetti Nite

after munching a whole lot of kepeks...its finally time for dinner. my big sissy is quite good in cooking (i just had to say this otherwise no one else would cook for me :p)..i can give her thumbs up for her mee goreng and ayam masak merah but her egg sandwich is yeckyy !!! tihtihihihih

so malam ni ive decided to help her out in the kitchen cos ive always wanted to know how to make spaghetti. Mr. Boyfriend pn dah bising pasal dia tak habis2 nak tau mcm mana nk buat spaghetti..urghh..annoying much !!!! guys and their big stomach !

kitewww tlg potong2 sikit2 ok lah dari tadek buat apa langsung ye tak? di bawah adelah a few pics yg sempat di ambil sbb takut la hangus ke apa ke kan time tgh gaul2 tu...

ini adalah sebahagian daripada ingredients nyaa...kiteww yg potong semua ni tahu?? *blushing*
tp kan tgh2 syok potong. tiba2 terpotong kuku la kena la buang half of the tomatoes cos takut la termakan kuku pulokss...kesian kuku kitewwww..semuanya sbb my sis dah sound suro potong cepat sikit...all her fault !! mana boleh kacau artist at work...ntah pape !

ini adelah slices of hotdogs + minced chicken meat yang telah dimasak sekejap dgn sedikit minyak...tihihih..macam expert lah pulak rasanya :p

setelah masukkan semua bahan2 yg telah dipotong tadi + tomato sauce + etc (tak igt ape dahh)..mana bole bagitau
\ semuaaaaa !!!! kedekut ilmu tauuu....

TADAAAA !!!!! inilah hasilnyaaa...nmpk mcm dkt hotel kan..hehe..nampak tk portion dia sket je..well itu sbb saya on bluehyppo ate like theres no tomorrow so i guess it was good..

pengajaran yang saya dapat pada sesi masak masak hari ini is not that hard..minus the yecky part like handling the raw fish/meat/chicken etc...sebut pasal bahan basah ni...semalam my big sis (literally big ! muahahahhaha) asked me to go to pasar malam n beli ayam mentah..what ??!!!!!! tp menjadi seorg adik yg baik dan comel lotey..saya pn pegi lah jugak dengan my bluehyppo...kami pon jumpa la abang jual ayam di kedainya...conversation adelah seperti berikut:

abang ayam: ye dik?
saya: bang, saya nak ayam satu
abang ayam: (sambil raba-raba ayam on display) yang mana dik?
saya: saya nk yg kecik je ek.
abang ayam: nak potong?
saya: ha, nak nak.
abang ayam: nak potong mcm mana?
saya: ??????!!!!!! (blank mode)
abang ayam: kecik2?
saya: ha boleh la kot..

abang ayam tu pn potong la ayam tu dgn rakus nya...

anda mesti tertanya tanya mana pegi bluehyppo yg ikut tadi kan? dia ade kat tepi like always..dia buat buat pandang tepi n buat2 bkn dtg dgn saya...typical her ! bila org tgh malu dia buat2 tak knall...urghh !! tk membantu langsung..kata masterchef..pfffttt~~ abang tu pn satu..boleh dia tanya soalan yang macam2..i mean do i look like i know how to cut a chicken? durhhh...malu jekkk...bistu dia nak senyum2 sinis plak..hek ellehhhh....!!

ehem ehem...walaupon saya tak tau masak..but i think i make the best scramble egg in the world !!! tihihihih :p

ok thats all..have fun cooking everyone !!


Snack up my tummy

after raya mcm ni, apa lagi.kuih raya bertimbun timbun tk for me. sy tk suka makan kuih raya sgt. i prefer snacks like marukku n any type of kepeks...i wont go for kuih raya unless they look real tasty...

these 2 are my current snacks

homemade honey cornflakes. my sis made it. crunchy n sweet..slrrppp

my all time fav...Marukku !!! wooot woott !!! i can munch this drug all day longg..

ok babes...thats all for now. LETS GET CRAZY FAT N MUNCH !!!!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Long Holidayyyy

Selamat Hari Raya everyone !!! how was ur raya? mine was just on holiday for another week so im gonna make it count !

my weekends for the whole month are fully booked for open houses n which means more food food n food..but ive decided to control my appetite to be petite !!! so that i can fit into this new dress i bought...grrrrr~~~~

k everyone..have a great week ahead n be safe