Saturday, November 6, 2010



1. the scent....i secretly love this one scent..but i dont know what it is...ive been searching all over for this particular scent...i only smell this scent twice..first is from this guy(only the scent was good) and 2nd when i was watching michael jackson this is it at pavvy (my dream guy is somewhere in there !!!) believe it or not..this scent (not sure if its perfume or whatever) somehow have the power to make me jumping on my seat (tak senang duduk)...and h***y...heheheheh ;p tp coz 'my secret scent' seems impossible to find...i prefer masculine and the smell that org boleh bau dr jaoh i like my man to be bold and shows how confident he is and of course how well kept and neat the person is..lgpon bau dea bole lekat dkt my whenever i miss him...i can just sniff it from my clothes..awwwwww ~~~~

2. some one who looks at me and smile...i caught a few doing this (including mr boyfriend)...i think it is so the person really is sincere and proud to be sitting with tatau la plak if dea senyum cz ade terselit cili ke ape kan..hahhahhaha....

3. wish me good morning and good night every is shows that i am the first and last thing/person he remembers every day. if dea tk msg or call the whole day pon long as hari dea call me in the morning b4 siap2 pi keja and b4 tdo...i will make my day...i'll be smiling the whole day....(attention to mr boyfriend)........

ok..thats all.....ade la other small2 stuff like hold my hand when im nervous or sad or whatever without me asking for it...share food with me stuff...bla bla bla...bye !

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