Friday, July 16, 2010

Football Frenzy

VIVA ESPANA !! (Mr.boyfriend yg ajar) hehe

ok..ok.. sy tahu world cup dah seminggu im not talking bout world cup point is football in general la..why does people (n by people i mean mostly man) love or addicted to football ? tp bkn itu yg sy mahu bincangkn disini i know i will never get the answer (geram !)

ok la..straight to the point..i've read an article somewhere which stated that a girl that love football is definitely getting 100 sexy points from the guys...yup ! thats true....this is based on a survey did by whoever yg tde keja...ntah papekn? pelik2 je la manusia ni...

abes tu mcm mane dgn girls yg tk brape nk minat bola mcm i sexy kah? heheh..watever....ini adelah discriminasi !!!! kalau mcm pon nk buat survey jgk based on my survey..i've come to a brilliant conclusion..guys who enjoy shopping (bkn skadar masuk kedai mcm tu je..suka shopping disini bermaksud willing to walk throughout the mall n belek2 n try baju tp akhirnya tk beli pon ataupon beli..mane2 la.) is definitely getting 100000 sexy, attractive points from the girls !!

...fuh.leganya rase after type kenyataan diatas...hehe...watever..i dont understand football..but i totally understand these hunk !!! heheheh...slrppp !

David Beckham
(so wat if he's sooo yesterday...he's still n will always be in my heart)

Fernando Torres
(he's the cutest n sweetest ever ! He even have he's own book ! plus he reminds me of Mr Boyfriend.heh)

okla...dah lepas geram...see ya !


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