Monday, July 19, 2010

I Want To Go Back To The Time When.....

hey everybody !!!!!!!!

don't be fool..i might sound cheery and happy.but the truth is i'm not..
for the moment at least.
sy pon tk tahu knp lately i've been feeling so down bout being a grown up.
im 23 years young...maybe not that old.but i'm in the stage of my life when i feel
like i want to be a child again..sigh ~~~~

ok la..i dont wanna sound like sy ni seorg yg suka merungut..
tp come on...who are we kidding..
semua org pon mesti akan rasa ape yg sy rase skarang ni kan??
takesah la bila2 pon..but at some point..kte akan rase perasaan ni...
gerunnnnnnn !!! heheh

tade la..smalam i was talking to an old friend of mine.and it felt good talking to him.
and quite frankly.
i actually missed him.u see he used to be my bestfriend mase dkt skola dulu.
we used to share everything with each other.
tp tade ape2 feeling tau..jgn noti noti..hehehhe...
tp yg sedihnya we've stop talking to each other..bukan la tk kwn dah..
i mean tk mcm dulu la..
n last nite when kte felt so different..
dulu everytime ckp tefon or borak2..
mesti non stop laughing n we used to talk bout silly things..
even tgh bincang psl problem pon bole jd lawak..
tp last nite was not like that at all..bukan la awkward ke ape..
but it was more like soooo MATURED..aduhhhh...
n our topic pon psl serious stuff ajek...
thats when it strikes me...iskh my point is..

the fact is..semua org akan grow up and have their own life..yg penting.ENJOY !!! heheh.


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