Thursday, September 23, 2010

game ON !

haluuuuuuuu peepss ~

so the game supposedly started yesterday...but because of my will start 2day...its my rules..besides...nobody's reading pn agaknya...hehehhe =p

ok lets start~ GAME ON !

(Q: ten things i wanna say to ten different people)

AYAH: i never said this. but I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW.

MAMA: if i knew what i know i wish i've stayed at the hospital with you more.

EPA: kenapa bila blk rumah lmbt kena berlakon pegi straight to the kitchen? hahhahaha

ELA: pls stop being such a drama queen...nobody's watching you...just be yourself...durhhh ~


Mr.B: can you pls stop building up muscle?? dah tak muat dah i nak hug..heheh n you know what im thinking teddy bear...wink wink !! =)

DYA: your thigh is not big !!!!!

FARAH: you're such a jeles lah

PTPTN: i don't wanna pay !!!!

POLITICIANS: pls pls pls pls stop with all that stupid nonsense...irritating laaa...thats why
people don't vote tahu tak?

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