Tuesday, September 28, 2010



1) very sensitive person and easily annoyed

2) compulsive shopper (i buy everything)

3) i sometime wished i'm a superstar/supermodel/married to a superhot billionaire who love me.

4) love the smell of bakery shop and mr.boyfriend's natural odor

5) love ayam, sotong, marukku, kerepek, rendang, teh o ais

6) hate the smell of telur kuning

7) people might not know this. but i judge people based on 1st impression and their shoes n bags. (might sound mengada. tp thats the fact cz i'll knw straight away a person's personality just by looking at their shoes n bags. trust me...cz setakat ni sy tapenah lg tersalah.)

8) i cant keep secret.... who does??..so don't trust me

9) love to sing and dance ( just ask my lil hyppo dkt rumah..you know who you are ;P)


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