Thursday, October 7, 2010


six things that i wish i had never done !

1) i had never give up on becoming an architect..i shud just quit uia..n apply somewhere that i could be an was my dream....n i blew it...biggest mistake of my life....!! it was my dream since i was a lil girl....seriously...ainaa bongok !

2) i shud have never compromise on my believes for anything especially for money... n being a unit trust consultant was my stupidest most humiliating thing ive ever done...though i admit that i cud and i CAN be a millionaire with it...but i seriously hate it....with all due respect MLM sucks ! i hate it with all my heart from the very beginning..yet...i join unit trust??? goshh..tak worth it pn if i jd i hate what im doing...seriously...wasting my time..n kacau my plans

3) talk bad things about people even when i hate them so much !

4) main2 mase dkt MRSM dulu....kalau tk mesti dah dkt jeles seeing my frens ... n mase dkt uia pn spatotnya blaja btol2 jgk... once again ainaa bongok !

5) confess to this certain someone that i like him..bodoh ! bkn hensem pn that lose !!!!

6) finally..i shud have stayed at the hospital :(

oklah..itulah i truely understang what it really means when someone said you can never turn back time....

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