Saturday, December 11, 2010


TADAAAA !!!!!!

hehehe...ops ops...ini bukan gigi n mulut saya tau...sebab my lips is waaayyyy 'munggil'ier than this... :P but its gonna be real soon....this Wednesday to be exact !!! gosh im dem scared of how i will look like with braces...sekarang ni ala posh spice aka kim kardashian slash katy with braces mcm mana agaknya ye...? lets check out some celeb with braces on shall we...

misha omar...still glam with braces on....yg bling2 ada ke? hehe

america ferrara aka ugly betty....shes adorable..her blue colored braces is just fashionable? hehe

erkk?? Mr Cruise? ramai lagi celebrities who actually had braces on..ok lah tu...artis pn tak malu pakai braces...i yg diva ni pn kira ok lah pakai.hehhe...ok lah...we'll see how it goes on wednesday...i'll post the pic when i feel like it k...pray for me u guys...hope i wont look uglier than i already am...

eh cop cop...before that...what color shud i put on my braces for the very first time? im thinking pink...subtle pink...low profile dulu mula2...:P

from ugly beautiful smile :)...LETS HOPE !

current mode: nervous



  1. u hve a blog?!! cmner br prsan ni..
    oh, WOW !! how was it babe?? colour ?? hehe


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