Saturday, December 4, 2010


wuhuuuu !!!! we're planning to go to Spore this Christmas...its shopping time !!! finally i can use my own hard earned money to buy whatever that ive ever desire :) kachinggg !!! ok ok....tak payah la nk over excited sgt cik ainaa oi.....hotel pn belom book lagi..passport pn blom renew tape la....jom kita buat list of the things that i think i wanna buy....a smart shopaholic always prepare a list kan? heheheh ;p

1) handbags...i was thinking 2 wud be enuf??? one designer bag..another whatever that i like...or two designer bag? hmmm...we'll seee :P

2) shoes: im currently in pursue of finding myself a perfect working shoe and and my baby saw this one shoe once dkt charles n keith...n it was so dem tadek size !!!!! n dkt semua outlet pn dah hopefully i can find similar pattern.....yg ini kita tatau berapa nak..but pape la kan.. there's no limit for shoes kan? kan? kan?

3) jeans....yg ini my baby knows i'll leave it to him..hehhe

4) tops.....find as many as i cud....weeee....grab and go !!!!

5) dresses.?? shorts???

6) thinking of buying perfumes for my family and cute things dkt universal studios..

sebananya i just dunno what i wanna buy...sbb dah rambang mata....hehehe...kita tgk je la nanti ape yg sy beli k......weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!! singapore here i come !!!!

heheh..sket2 je la pix dulu..nanti dah pegi sendiri...baru lah letak gamba sendiri...over excited plak..mcm tapnah this time mcm super excited plak..demm..ok tape lahh....i'll update later....weeeee !!!!

to be cont

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  1. ainaa !!! nk bajuu !! x kisah pape. end of this month kn fly ?? amek S if rsa cm ketat smcm M jela..haha
    - ;p