Monday, November 28, 2011

I didnt knw that its gonna be a long holiday weekend this i didnt make any i was at home the whole holiday.baring2.makan2.tgk tv.tdo n tdo n tdo.was nice to be able to catch up on myself.happy me ;)

so when i was all alone at home.i did some self examine (hehe.bkm lah belek2 badan i do love to do that as well).i found that i am such a negative-angry-easily gv up-selfdoubting-uptight girl. I found myself complaining at almost everythg.or easily being angry at somethg.or overly sensitive.

U realize that i hv let plenty of great opportunities flown by me just like that just cos im too lazy or to scared of what the outcome might too scared of what people might say if i fail.

Ok point is.since its maal hijrah.a new year for muslims.i want to try n change my self for a better person.i wanna be able to enjoy what im doing.i wanna be a happy growing woman.enjoy life as it is.not too caught up with material stuff.prioritize whats nice to people even when they r rude.always smile cos i learned that your smile can help make other people's i will do just that.

Hehe.inspirational much ainaa !!

Baby steps is better then nothing right? So if korg nmpk sy marah2 or complain.pls remind me that im a different persom nw.lets remind each other to smile n make the world or at least our surrounding a better place to live !!!

Love !

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