Monday, November 14, 2011

Bimbo much !

today ive decided to talk about cars. i am not interested in cars. i hate to drive.but i am impatient enough to have a driver (n not that freakin' rich to hire one) cos i knw i cant rely on people to e punctual...urghhhhh...!!!! my car is killing me softly !!! i am stressed out !! get you into a clearer picture.ive prepared a list of why i hat cars...

1) i do not knw a thing about car ! all i knw is i want to drive a fancy car one day.but thats it.i dont want to hv to go and wash it.i dont want to hv to go n put gas every weekend.pump the tires.send the car for service and worst of it all ...have to deal with accident !! i mean..i am a great drivern all (n proud of that) but its all the other drivers around me that i dont trust ! come on people !! eyes on the road idiots ! n when u hit somebody...BE NICE !! urghh..malaysian !

2) i hv car for ME ! not to be a driver to someone else freak! i mean...come on..i am not stingy or too proud or cocky to hv people tumpang..besides..i always love using my car if i hv plan wif my frens (cos again i dont like to follow n wait on people..i am a leader.not a follower :p) ..but plsss....use ur head..common sense.wud u like waiting for people whos actually asking for ur favor? late is one thing..then dragging me along like i hv nothing better to do..janji tmpt lain..then tuka last minit.or choose tmpt that only convenient to you.alasan.."myk mahal".."tk tahu jalan".."tk biasa drive jauh".."jam"..hek elehhhh !!!!!!!!!!! habis what am i? i am driving a helicopter that i dont hv to go thru traffic jam? or am i printing money at my house that my myk is not mahal? tk biasa drive jauh?? errkkk..hellloooo.....if boyfriend you ckp."errr,...yang.....jom la dtg sini....." wud u suddenly knw the road and biasa jalan jauh?? pfftttt....i am not selfish...i can deal wif going anywhere cos i love hanging out wif my friends and catch up..if i can do it n sacrifise..why cant you??

3) everytime pegi bengkel mesti kena tipu...arghh...i dont speak cars or any languages those mechanics were every time i went to a workshop.all they see is this bimbo who doesn't knw a thing.thats true.but jgn la amek kesempatan.i knw ure running a jgn la over sgt.geram lahhhhh..u knw what abang mechanics ! everytime u repair my car.then i realised that ive been screwed.u knw tht it messes wif my head.i look down to myself cos i cant be independent n take care of a simple piece of time..dont mess wif my head !!

ok tu jeee....i love my car..cos it holds a lot of memories..memories that cant be just not ready to get a new one.thats why it tore my heart out everytime something's wrong wif it.especially when its not my fault !!!

plus my car has been loyal to me...she is my best buds ! (she? omg !! im crazy dont i?)

ok dah...lega rasanya...


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